All of our ecourses have an assessment and certificate of completion for the user. Our FREE videos do not have assessments or certificates of completion.
No, Altec Sentry Online courses are not refundable. If you have purchased a course in error and would like to register for a different course instead, please contact us at (205) 408-8678.
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While not a requirement, Sentry e Courses are best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
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If none of these work, please call (205) 408-8678 and we can help.
If your account has been idle (no log ins or ecourses added) for longer than three (3) months, we have deactivated your account. Don't worry! All of the information is still there, but you'll need to call Altec Sentry Online at (205) 408-8678 to reactivate it.
If your ecourse has supplemental materials, such as specification sheets or reference guides, they will be attached to the ecourse under the "Additional References" tab. Simply click on the "Additional Resources" tab. If there are materials, they will appear in pdf form. You can print them out or view them as needed.

We do offer printed workbooks to go along with the Sentry Professional Operator Courses - Insulating Aerial Devices, Non-Insulating Aerial Devices, Tree Care, and Digger Derricks. If you'd like to purchase these workbooks, please call us at (205) 408-8260.