Tree Care Aerial Device Operator Safety Training

This course covers ANSI A92.2 General Training topics, OSHA regulations, ANSI Z133 standards and other safe operating practices for Altec tree care aerial devices. A certificate is available upon successful completion. Course content includes: Aerial Device Components, Controls and Safety Instructions, Electrical Hazards, Insulating Properties and Qualifications, Protective Equipment (PPE/IPE), Job Site Survey and Job Briefing, Interlocks, Alert Systems & Secondary Stowage System, PreTravel Inspection, Shift Preoperational Inspection – Visual Inspection, Unit Set Up, Preoperational Inspection Aerial Device Controls Testing, Operation, Final Exam. In addition to completing this General Training course, operators must be familiarized with any aerial device before operating. Employers may have additional training requirements not covered in this course. Completing this course does not certify or authorize any person to operate Altec equipment.

Price: $75.00